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Contact List

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Name  Role CFC/Agency Email Phone 
Maria Kastanis
Assistant Director
EI Training Program at the University of Illinois
Sarah Nichols Professional Development Specialist  EI Training Program at the University of Illinois  SLN4EITP@illinois.edu 217-300-3502 
Shameka Brown  Service Coordinator  CFC 21  CFC21Shameka@gmail.com  
Amber Ortiz  Service Coordinator  CFC 4  aortiz@dayonepact.org  
Deanna Cruse  Program Manager   CFC 24  cfc24deanna@gmail.com   
Liane Baker-Hergenrother  Service Coordinator  CFC 18     
Lindsay Baskin  Service Coordinator  CFC 24     
Erica Seaton Service Coordinator  CFC 20  eseaton@csscares.org   
Lisa McGlothlin  CFC Manager  CFC18  lisam@co.sangamon.il.us  217-535-3100 
Kristie Meloy  Service Coordinator  CFC 15  kmeloy@svcincofil.org   
Kennedy Wright  Service Coordinator  CFC 25  kennedy.wright@opad.org   
Elyse Sereyka  Service Coordinator  CFC 25  elyse.sereyka@opad.org  815-477-4720 ext 254

Tracy Tamayo 

Assistant Program Manager  CFC 15  ttamayo@svcincofil.org 815-730-2617 x 7713 
Melissa Ehmann Service Coordinator / Assistant Program Manager CFC 7 mheiney@subacc.org 708-449-0625 x1127
Renee Zoll  Service Coordinator  CFC 21  cfc21renee@gmail.com  618.604.3590 
Karen Rios  Program Manager  CFC 25  karen.rios@opad.org  815-477-4720, ext. 234 
Carissa Brendle  Service Coordinator  CFC 3  cbrendle@roe8.com  815-895-0481 
Annie Schlachter  Service Coordinator / Social-Emotional Consultant CFC 3     
Make'l Westendorf
Service Coordinator
CFC #20
Greg Hinojosa  Service Coordinator / Bilingual  CFC 6  ghinojosa@clearbrook.org  847-385-5336 
Kimberly Chew  Service Coordinator  CFC 20  kchew@csscares.org  217-334-4507 
Tiffani Ritt  Service Coordinator  CFC 1     
Barbara Kruckmeyer  Service Coordinator  CFC 15 


Lyndee Sergott  Service Coordinator  CFC  20 lsergott@csscares.org  217-705-4333 
Monica Patrick  Assistant program manager/Service Coordinator  CFC#9  monica.patrick@hektoen.org    
Nicole Barron  Service Coordinator  CFC 22  cfc22nicoleb@gmail.com   
Kristi Moll Service Coordinator/AT Coordinator/Hearing & Vision SC  CFC #15  kmoll@svcincofil.org  
Katie Nicoloff  Service Coordinator  CFC 21  cfc21katien@gmail.com  618-578-7196 
Chelsie Flanagan  Service Coordinator  CFC 14  chelsieackley@hotmail.com   
Kimberly Molinaro  Service Coordinator  CFC 5 



Holly Wallace  Lead Service Coordinator  CFC 16  hwallace@cicfc.org  309-825-2379 
Joy Ragnow-Guzy  Service Coordinator  CFC 2  jragnow-guzy@lakecountyil.gov  847-421-1262 
Michele Rogers  Service Coordinator  CFC 25  michele.rogers@opad.org   
Megan Smoes Service Coordinator CFC 16 msmoes@cicfc.org (217) 260-5564
Amy Cocorikis  Developmental Pediatric Consultant  CFC6&7  amycocorikis@outlook.com  (815) 954-1686 
Ashley Szubrych  Lead Service Coordinator  CFC 12  aszubrych@eastersealschicago.org  708-633-6458 
Leslie Kaye  Service Coordinator / Hearing & Vision SC CFC 11  leslie_kaye@rush.edu  312.-942-7862 






Comments (2)

Liane Baker-Hergenrother said

at 8:54 am on Jun 15, 2017

Here are two links to developmental milestone information in different languages. I would love to hear from others as to what they have found.

Sarah Nichols said

at 9:06 am on Jun 16, 2017

Thanks for sharing the resources Liane! I moved them to the need support page ... which may need to be changed to "need input" page if the group feels that is a more accurate title. Here is the link to that page so people can respond as they see fit: http://ilservicecoordinationcommunityofpractice.pbworks.com/w/page/116275737/Need%20Support.

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